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The key to a smooth and comfortable drive is your vehicle’s suspension system. If damaged or poorly maintained, it can also lead to knock on issues that require extensive/serious professional car repairs. As one of South London’s most popular independent garages, Brixton’s Amtec Motors can assist with all issues relating to car suspension.

So in this blog post, we’ve considered some of the most common issues in this area, specifically why they’re a concern and how to identify them. Should you be based in Brixton or a nearby area – such as Clapham, East Dulwich, Streatham or West Norwood – and currently be suffering an automotive fault with suspension or any other component, pick up the phone and call the Amtec Motors team on 020 8671 7164. We can provide fast and affordable car repairs to get you safely back on the road.

How to Identify Car Suspension Issues

‍Tyre Issues – One big sign of suspension trouble is damaged or weakened tyres. Suspension plays a vital role in allowing tyres to absorb every day wear and tear; if your vehicle is hitting every pothole at full force, you’re going to experience structural damage to tyres’ tread or walls. Brixton motorists that notice one tyre tilting to one side, or otherwise seeming unaligned with the others, should visit us for diagnostics and any subsequently required car repairs. Your tyres keep you safe on the road by ensuring you can stop quickly in dangerous situations, so don’t put it off!

‍A Bumpy Drive – Perhaps the most obvious sign that you’re experiencing a car suspension fault is that you can feel every bump in the road, when you couldn’t before. Your suspension, by absorbing and distributing shock, also protects both car bodywork and vital components that keep you running efficiently. So what might seem like a bit of a nuisance may need to be dealt with via car repairs at our Brixton garage, before knock on damage calls for more serious work.

‍Liquid Under the Vehicle – There are a number of different fluids your vehicle contains, each designed to keep a particular element running smoothly: e.g oil, brake fluid and coolant. If you’ve noticed that your shocks/struts are covered in a greasy liquid, then breaker fluid may be leaking. This fluid is designed to assist your suspension elements, keeping you stable. Visit our garage in Brixton and we’ll find the source of the leak, then carry out the required car repairs.

So why not give our garage a try the next time you need car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or diagnostics in Brixton? To book in, pick up the phone and call 0208 671 7164.

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