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Based in nearby Brixton, Amtec Motors provides the Streatham area with a reliable port of call for all aspects of garage services – including car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and professional diagnostics. Part of the reason for our excellent reputation in the area is our commitment to transparency, and the fact we offer quality workmanship and affordable prices.

On this page, we’ve looked to run over a few of the garage service “dos and don’ts” we think both clients and interested parties across the world should be aware of, the latter having found us while browsing around on Google. If you are a local client in Streatham and are more interested in making use of our car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and diagnostics services, please feel free to cut right to the chase by calling us on 0208 671 7164.

5 Dos and Don’ts of Garage Services

Don’t Rely on DIY – The overwhelming majority of automotive tasks require professional assistance; car servicing needs to follow a strict checklist and be signed off by a qualified mechanics, MOT testing can only be conducted by designated MOT testing facilities, and most diagnostics / car repairs require specialist equipment and knowhow. In the latter case, not visiting a garage can mean you do more damage to your vehicle. Following YouTube tutorials is a great way of DIY’ing various things, but vehicles typically aren’t one of them – we urge Streatham clients to avoid the hassle by visiting our nearby garage.

Do Invest in Regular Car Servicing – While it may seem like an optional extra, the amount of benefits that car servicing affords Streatham motorists makes it entirely uneconomical to avoid; not only will your fuel efficiency suffer, but you’re at higher risk of an accident breakdown and needing more costly car repairs and diagnostics work. Couple with the fact it preserves vehicle value, and you can see why car servicing is quite easily worth its weight in gold.

‍Don’t Ignore Dashboard Warning Lights – Some simply dictate the need for an oil and filter change, which is as part of both full and interim car servicing packages as standard. Others relate to more problematic issues that could quickly worsen and out you and your vehicle at risk. If dashboard warning lights are illuminating, cross-reference them against your manufacturer’s handbook, or visit our trained mechanics for diagnostics. You may require urgent car repairs to prevent a breakdown or irreversible damage to essential components.

‍Do Consider Alternate Garages – Many Streatham motorists have long stuck with a main dealership or national fast fit centre for their car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and diagnostics. But did you know that independent garages can offer lower prices and a more personal, friendly standard of service? We urge you to call us for a quote on any work you might require; we march to the beat of our own drum and ensure that customers get an alternative to larger garages that seem overly profit orientated.

Searching for a reputable garage near Streatham? Amtec Motors has you covered for everything from car servicing & MOT testing, to car repairs & diagnostics. Call 0208 671 7164.

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