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As our Brixton garage is located so close to Clapham, it’s no surprise so many of our customers are Clapham residents. While they might have garages located slightly closer by, many choose to have our mechanics carry out their required car repairs, diagnostics, car servicing and MOT testing here due to our reputation for quality workmanship, at distinctly affordable prices.

This page, targeted toward Clapham residents who may be considering doing the same, looks to answer some frequently asked questions. They’re fairly broad, but if you have a more technical question or simply a question not featured in this FAQ, don’t fret. Just pick up the phone and give our friendly team of mechanics a call on 0208 671 7164.

Amtec Motors’ Clapham FAQ

‍When do I need to bring my vehicle in for car servicing?

If you’re a fairly light user of your vehicle, once per 12,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first) is recommended by most manufacturers; heavy users should add on to that an interim car servicing appointment every 6,000 miles or 6 months (same rule applies).

‍Why invest in car servicing?

Clapham motorists benefit from: improved fuel efficiency, reduce chance of breakdown, sustained vehicle value, better road safety and lower running costs (due to saving money on car repairs you might otherwise repair). Car servicing before MOT testing is also a good idea, to improve chance of passing first time.

‍I have a newly manufactured vehicle, do I require MOT testing?

MOT testing is only required of vehicles over 3 years of age. Classic vehicle owners around Clapham, driving a car/bike over 40 years of age, are also exempt.

‍What are some signs I require professional diagnostics?

Strange smells and sounds, or a drop off in performance are all signs it’s worth visiting our garage, just a stone’s throw from Clapham in nearby Brixton, for professional diagnostics. Also keep an eye out for leaks, and physical signs of damage.

Does visiting an independent garage over a dealership violate my warranty?

Not for essential services like car servicing and MOT testing. To encourage fair competition and avoid monopolisation of garage services, it was recently made illegal to void warranties due to taking your business away from manufacturers/main dealers.

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