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Looking after a vehicle is important if you want reliable transport that won’t let you down at an unfortunate time, and something you can sell at the end of its tenure to fund the purchase of a new “old faithful”. That’s why on this page, Amtec Motors, as the Clapham area’s first choice garage, has provided some tips on doing just that. They cover everything from the necessity of car servicing, the unique opportunity posed by MOT testing, to diagnostics and dealing with car repairs promptly.

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How to Keep Your Vehicle in Tip Top Working Order

Car Servicing Like Clockwork – A fantastic opportunity for a mechanic to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and identify emerging issues before they worsen, while carrying out essential maintenance items like oil and filter changes, the importance of car servicing really can’t be understated! East Dulwich motors who keep on top of their car servicing have better fuel efficiency, reduced chance of breakdown, protection from vehicle depreciation, and safety on the roads. If you’re an avid driver, consider following manufacturer advice and visiting a garage twice per annum – once for car servicing, and once for interim car servicing.

‍Don’t Forget MOT Testing – While many around East Dulwich see it as a valueless bureaucratic endeavour that you have to get done to avoid fines and points on the licence, MOT testing does serve an important purpose; like car servicing, it’s a scheduled opportunity for mechanics to look over your vehicle and ensure there isn’t anything endangering you, your passengers and fellow motorists.

Investigate That Odd Sound – Strange sounds and odours are rarely just a nuisance; they typically signify a problem in your vehicle. But what exactly do they mean?! That’s what our team, as diagnostics specialists, can help ascertain. Visit our garage and we’ll use a combination of old fashioned, under the hood investigation and cutting edge ECU diagnostics equipment to figure out the problem. Leave it, and expect it to get worse and even lead to potential road safety issues (or simply a whopping great bill on car repairs).

‍Don’t Put off Essential Repair – Speaking of car repairs, it’s not uncommon for Clapham motorists to delay car repairs because they don’t deem them essential. But problems can lead to knock on issues, or simply worsen as described in the above diagnostics section. If it’s the price that’s of concern, we’d urge you to get a quote at our Brixton garage. Our prices are more competitive than many dealerships, national fast-fits and chain garages, and you may be pleasantly surprised how cheap it is getting your vehicle back into perfect working order. Follow the above tips, and your vehicle is sure to have a long and happy lifespan! Take it from us…

We can help in all of the above areas, providing Clapham motorists with quality, yet affordable car repairs, car servicing, diagnostics and MOT testing. Call us on 0208 671 7164.

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