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Welcome back to the Amtec Motors blog! This time round we’ve looked to run over some of the core benefits associated with one of our core products – interim and annual car servicing packages, which we provide from our fully equipped garage in Brixton. Nearly time for you to get booked in? Whether you’re a repeat Amtec Motors customer or want to see exactly why we’re so renowned in the local area for both quality of service and competitive pricing, give us a call on 020 8671 7164.

Why it Pays to Invest in Car Servicing

Significant Savings – Investing in regular car servicing at a reputable garage, like ours in Brixton, can save you a significant sum over the course of a year. There are a number of ways this happens: firstly, fuel economy. Car servicing reduces strain on your engine and wider vehicle, meaning you get from A to B using less petrol, saving you money at the pumps. Another way car servicing saves you money is by reducing the chance of breakdown. Car repairs are typically more expensive, and you also need to factor in roadside recovery and contingent factors like the day’s loss of earnings (or perhaps the week’s!) Finally, Brixton motorists who keep on top of car servicing usually pass MOTs first time, reducing expenditure here also (if your garage doesn’t provide free re-tests). Tot up the total savings and you’ll see they outweigh the low cost of car servicing…

‍Protect Your Investment – The vast majority of Brixton motorists, when it comes time to upgrade or otherwise get a vehicle that better suits their personal situation, will want to trade in at a dealer or sell up on Gumtree (or a similar online market place). The amount you get towards your next purchase completely depends on how well the vehicle has been maintained; one way to prove you’ve put in the work is presenting a fleshed out car servicing history from a reputable garage like Brixton’s Amtec Motors.

Our car servicing packages will also extend the lifespan of your vehicle, meaning if you truly want to use your vehicle till its natural “end of life” you’ll be able to, rather than have it experience fatal mechanical issues before this point.

‍Road Safety – Now they say you can’t put a price on your health, and we agree – it’s certainly hard to quantify! But most Brixton residents will agree that avoiding accidents on the road is a top priority, due to how serious collision injuries really can be. By serving as an opportunity to have your vehicle checked over by professional mechanics, and for emerging problems to be identified and nipped in the bud, car servicing can drastically improve road safety/reduce chance of breakdown.

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