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Nearly time for your annual MOT testing? While this might prove somewhat anxiety inducing, it needn’t be! There are ways to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free. Firstly, choose the right garage. Amtec Motors, based in Brixton and popular throughout the wider South London area, is an independent provider of MOT testing that provides a more friendly and personal standard of work, at competitive prices that can save you a significant sum. The second way is to spend a little time preparing for MOT testing, to ensure you pass first time. That’s what the subject of today’s blog is – an MOT preparation guide.

But please do keep in mind that failing MOT testing is hardly uncommon; it’s our job as your trusted, Brixton based mechanics to explain exactly why you’ve failed should this happen, and recommend the best course of action. It might be a minor adjustment solved via a tweak or on the spot car repairs, or something more serious: but we’ll ensure the remedial work is transparent, competitively priced and is followed by a re-test to get you back safely and legally on the road ASAP. Without further ado… our MOT preparation guide.

Preparing for an MOT – A Brief Guide

  • Have a Clean Up – While having a cluttered or messy car will not lead to failing MOT testing, it can make our testers’ job a real difficulty; and from time to time, a motorist’s vehicle will be so dirty and cluttered that we can’t carry out the test and we have to send them home!
  • Polish Up Your Plates – One of the key checks part of MOT testing, which many Brixton customers aren’t actually aware of, is number plates being readable. If yours are getting a bit tricky to discern, give them a clean and polish them up!
  • Check Your Windscreen Wipers – If they’ve ceased to function or are badly damaged, then you may need to get them replaced before passing MOT testing. This is because they could impair your view of the road, especially during a period of heavy rainfall.
  • Test Your Lights – Ask a member of your household or a friend to give you the all clear while you test all the different lights on your vehicle – front, rear, indicator etc. If any aren’t working, it’s worth paying us a visit before the test so we can diagnose and solve the issue.
  • Break Out the 20p Test – Tyre tread depth needs to be at least 1.6mm to be road legal; anything less and you’ll need a change before passing an MOT. We recommend our Brixton clients use a 20p, which should in your tread without peeking out. If you see the coin, it’s worth paying us a visit, or swapping your tyres out if you handle this as a DIY job.
  • Are You Reading Me? – Honk your horn! It also needs to be working to clear MOT testing first try.
  • Mirror, Mirror – Your car’s wing mirrors need to be both securely attached and intact so you can properly see the road, and be deemed road safe and legal.
  • If you need help with any of these points before attending your MOT testing appointment, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team of Brixton mechanics!

Ready and raring to pass your test with flying colours? Book in for MOT testing at Amtec Motors in Brixton on 020 8671 7164.

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